Definition and synonyms of be well/ideally/uniquely etc placed to do something from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Best synonyms for 'best placed' are 'better placed', 'better position' and 'best position'.


Synonyms for PLACED: situated, put, positioned, located, deposited, laid, disposed, stuck; Antonyms of PLACED: removed, took, relocated, replaced, banished, displaced.

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a to do one's utmost to make progress.

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The Russian defence ministry has said a warship guarding Black Sea pipelines was attacked by unmanned Ukrainian boats. Best Positioned synonyms - 31 Words and Phrases for Best Positioned.



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Synonyms for PLACED: located, set, situated, established, settled, fixed, based, allotted, rated, allocated; Antonyms for PLACED: dislodged, displaced, removed.

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best placed.

beautifully put. .

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